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To make use of WitiOp, you need to have a company profile verified by Facebook Business Manager. The use of WitiOp is granted by Facebook after the request being approved. After the approval, you can enable your telephone number – provided by WitiOp – and start exploiting the full potential of the platform.

WitiOp cannot guarantee the timing of approval. This process is handled by Facebook through its procedures and checks. In our experience, your request could be processed – whether positive or negative – in a period between 15 and 60 days.

WhatsApp clearly indicates the features of companies and services that can be managed by WhatsApp Business API. Read the complete normative in WhatsApp legal & commerce policy at the following link:

WhatsApp supports two use cases: customer service and sending notifications. Customer service is started with an incoming message (here starts a conversation between company and customers). The conversation will be open for 24h after the last customer’s message. Sending notifications is an unidirectional messaging service that allows sending notices and information notifications to customers. Outgoing messages are based on pre-approved - from Facebook - models (template messages). WhatsApp limits uses for marketing purposes and it does not approve models with promotional content.


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For all companies that choose WhatsApp as channel of communications with their contacts, they can use WhatsApp for Business for free. On the other hand, companies can use Whatsapp API Business - implemented by WhatsApp in August 2018 - if they need a greater number of agents to manager customer service in a more professional manner. WitiOp, the new all-in-one Intoowit software, allows businesses like yours to interact and centrally manage communication with customer with WhatsApp by using many agents and typical customer operations activities. This process is possible thanks to WhatsApp Business API, made available to WitiOp by certified partners.

WhatsApp launched WhatsApp Business at the beginning of 2018. Therefore SMEs can create their own customer service with Whatsapp by using an official company profile. More structured companies could have more advanced necessities, as managing professionally a real customer service dedicated to their clients, for instance. In this case, key features like user management, skill management and the using of different numbers for different customer-dedicated services are not present in WhatsApp Business. WitiOp was created to make available these key features. WitiOp provides you an all-in-one platform specific for managing customer operations on WhatsApp. WitiOp characteristics are designed specifically for scalable communication with customers trough WhatsApp. Every WitiOp feature focus on data protection, spam prevention and customer operations management. A perfect “toolbox” to exploit all WhatsApp potentiality.

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